Monday, May 28, 2012

Mango and Avocado: Two of Gods Most Delicious Gifts

Without question, it is my opinion that avocados are one of the most delicious foods God ever created. I'm fairly certain I could eat them every day with every meal and never get tired of them.

The following recipe was made by a very creative friend of mine and it has become one of my all time favorite ways to enjoy avocados!Thank you so much Heidi for introducing me to this delicious mixture of goodness :)

I'm not certain my proportions are the same as what she uses but this is how I've been making it and my family LOVES it!!  We could eat it by the bucketfuls if not for the fact that it really is very filling.

Mango Basil Avocado Dip

2 large avocados diced (I dice them in the skin before scooping the fruit out  
     with a spoon)

2 ripe mangos

Generous 1/2 cup or more of finely chopped fresh basil 

4-5 large cloves of garlic, minced

1 medium sweet onion finely diced

4 med tomatoes peeled and diced (blanch briefly and the skins will peel off 
     easily. I don't bother peeling the tomatoes when they come from my
     garden or other reliable source but if have to buy them from the
     supermarket I don't want to eat or feed my family the "food grade
     polyurethane" and other who knows what that they coat store bought
     tomatoes with,which is why I take the time to peel them  )

1/4 of a large jalapeno crushed, more if you like things hot! (I used my garlic

Juice of 1 lime

Sea salt to taste

Fresh ground pepper to taste

Splash of apple cider vinegar

A couple three good tablespoons or so of olive oil

Mix all that deliciousness together in a bowl and enjoy!!

This is amazing on chips as dip or on veggie sticks, salad, chicken, fish, off a spoon from the bowl....



  1. That sounds so delicious! I'm mourning avocados ... they totally make me sick to my stomach.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that :( that really is horrible! I'm not sure I'd survive without avocados ;)