I decided after reading an interesting article today to add a pg here for links to articles I come across regarding Dyslexia as well as links to resources that have been helpful for our family.

Dyslexia can be frustrating, scary, and discouraging especially for bright kiddos who see their peers reading, writing and spelling beyond their own capabilities. Here is a fun little video clip to help encourage them and to help them see that dyslexia is not a curse nor is it an excuse but a gift from God that he has blessed them with in order to help the become all that He created them to be. http://www.dyslexiathinktank.org/book_audio.html


The first and very best resource I have to share here is the Barton Reading and Spelling System .This program is fantastic!!! After trying everything under the sun I can assure you there is nothing better than than this reading program for a student with Dyslexia.  Beyond the program itself or rather before you begin any  program, there is a TON of information on this website and if you have any suspicion at all that your student may struggle with dyslexia, please take the time to read everything she has on this website and watch all of the videos. There is so much misinformation out there about Dyslexia it is crucial you get accurate information if you want your student to succeed.  Here again is the link  http://bartonreading.com/  

No, I don't get paid anything to share this with you, I'm just passionate about this program bc it WORKS, and I am passionate about being properly educated bc as I said there is so much misinformation out there it is difficult to wade though all of it.  The sooner you have the right information the sooner you can help your student be successful!

Dyslexia in the News

The Paradox of Dyslexia - Slow Reading Fast Thinking

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