GAPS Legal Weekly Meal Plans

This pg has two purposes, one is to help me be more diligent at menu planning and the other is to share my menus with you. 

My hope is that in doing this you'll see that GAPS eating really isn't too difficult. You'll also see that we keep things pretty simple around here only making complicated recipes once in a while. I cook in large batches and we rely on lots of left overs. 

One thing I've learned is that my plans fall apart more often than they work out and I set myself up for failure if I don't always have something on hand to make a quick meal of. This means I make as much of everything as I possibly can every time I cook (it really doesn't take much more time to triple or quadruple a batch of something than it does to make one batch). Also at the beginning of each week I cook up several winter squashes, at least three chickens and some ground beef or roasts. If I have these things cooked and on hand I can always throw together a meal even when the joyful chaos around here gets to be a bit too much and throws me off track (which happens more than I like to admit) .
A few things other things that happen continuously in my kitchen either daily or weekly that help to keep my meal plans running somewhat smoothly, are my water and milk kefirs, kombucha, yoghourt, broth (of course), and at east one or two other baked goods a week. I don't do the baking all on the same day, I just make large batches when I do bake and I try to keep enough in the freezer that if I have a particularly busy week I don't have to fit it in (this includes things like pancakes, crepes/tortillas and waffles). In the fall and winter when we are eating more soups I make gallons of soup at a time pretty regularly so we always have soup either in the freezer or canned to rely on all year. 

In my plans I have included links to recipes if I have them on the blog or if they come from elsewhere on the web. Some things I mention just aren't here yet and I'm sorry for that but I'm working to add recipes when I can and will focus on adding those that I mention in my menus. 

One more thing, there are only meals planned for Monday-Friday bc we eat only leftovers on the weekends ;)

These Menu's are posted as  Google Documents so you can print them for use  with your own family if you like and I think you might be able to make changes to them as well (maybe??)

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